The name Power to Make implies the potential to make objects, in a sense anticipating a future vision of design and making. Our ethos is to capitalise on digital technology to produce highly crafted objects that are customisable yet comparable in price to mass-produced items. We believe that good design should be accessible to everyone.

Power to Make is uniquely set up as a micro-manufacturing facility located in Preston, Melbourne. Founded by Paul Loh and David Leggett, the duo (aka LLDS) have extensive research knowledge in digital fabrication and craft. As a micro-manufacturing facility, we are not restricted to mass-producing a single product to minimise running costs. Being micro, we can be more responsive to client’s requests and demands. We explore making directly from digital models to physical objects, merging craft with digital processes. This way of making allows us to have continuous feedback between how the design performs and it’s aesthetic, allowing us to craft and refine the digital information we use to make our product – Contact us to discuss your project. You can also submit a file for quotation Here.

Together with our catalogue range of furniture and products, Power to Make offers design and fabrication services to the construction industry across all sectors. We have design and manufacturing capacity to produce architectural scale pieces such as plywood formwork for concrete casting, balustrade and timber roof structures. In addition, we offer digital fabricating services for designers, architects and artists through collaboration and consultation.

Power to Make explores architecture under LLDS.