Product development

We offer design and prototyping services. If you are prodct designer or simply has a great idea and what to test it out, we can help you. Over the years, we have worked with artist, product designers, DIY novice, retailers and interior designer to work on product ideas or one off prototype using our CNC and tooling knowledge. We offer unique solution to design problems; developing prototypes as needed to ensure your design work and is commercially viable. Contact us to start a conversation. If you have a preliminary drawings or sketches, you can submit the file using our DropBox link.

What services do we offer?

We can assist you to develop your idea or design into reality; advising on the tooling and choice of material for your project.

We work with you to explore alternative cutting and milling techniques to resolve your design; this may require prototyping at various stages.

We can provide you with an estimate of cost to take the design into larger production run.

Our clients include:
Artisaned Awards, Benjamin Ducroz, Crack-a-Jack Design Studio, Chijoff & Co, Coffee Galleria, Curator Clip, Cox Architecture, Eau-De-Vie, Forrest Designs, Gourmet Pies, IdentiCorpand, Keep Cup, KPDO, MOVI Workspace, Nuraphone, Plyroom, Remy’s Records, Synergy Print Solutions, South South West, Studio Periscope, Terra Madre, Wood to Wall and the list is still growing…


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