The Zinc house refer to a clusters of zinc cladded rooms that is raised from a brick base to form two houses. The design evolves from our obsession with axonometric projection; a way of understanding space that is metrically measurable ( a perceived economy) and yet reveals the volumetric construction through planes, edges and corners which is the real asset of the design; providing light fill rooms where ceilings are sloped to reflect evenly spread south light to the interior; edges and corner become a critical moment of investigation and articulation from the cladding through to the crafting of the interior joinery and handrail.

Power to Make is currently fabricating all the internal joinery, vanity units and kitchen. The joinery detail is articulated around edges and corner; where the hand interfaces with material like hard wood timber and Corian surface. The house is a few months away from completion with images to come… visit our architecture website: