Ecoworld Show Suite Ceiling in Sydney is a fast track design to production project. Power to Make executed design intent digital model from Woods Bagot Architects. We designed the construction system, parametric scripting and production information behind the entire fabrication process of this undulated ceiling. We also designed a full parametric model which allowed the architects to adjust and manipulate the input surface of the ceiling. This automatically generated all the support structures and hanging rod system. We worked concurrently with the design information, adjusting the design to final site dimension before outputting fabrication information.

The project consists of over 3,000 timber components. Through building in ‘smart ‘sequence to the design, it allowed the ceiling to be assembled on site with ease; with 80% off-site fabrication. Through our computational script, we also manage to optimised the hanging structures and reduced the amount of steel work by up to 30%.

During the fabrication stage, we liaised with the steel and timber fabricators to generate information which they use directly for manufacturing, ranging from a set of dimensioned sections for the steel work to an excel spreadsheet for direct input into specific CNC software. If you have similar requirement, contact us to discuss your project.

Contractor: Westbank Constructions